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JXCirrus Finance for Linux 3.3.01
Company: JXCirrus
Country: Australia, NSW, Lane Cove
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: JXCirrus JXCirrus

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: Home & Hobby::Personal Finance
Categories: Business & Finance :: Accounting Tools, Home & Hobby :: Home Inventory
Platform: Linux
OS: Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source
System requirements: No requirements.
Language: English
Limitations: In-app purchases are available from

Keywords: Finance, budget, bank account

JXCirrus Finance lets you take control of the chaos of your home finances. Follow and check the balance in all of your bank accounts - JXCirrus Finance tracks every transaction and lets you tick them off against your bank statements. Create budgets to track where the money is going to, and graph them over time.

Some of the features are:
- Keep the balance of multiple bank accounts as well as cash.
- Assign expenses to different budgets and keep track of your spending patterns.
- Lock off transactions so that they cannot be altered (once you have checked them off against your bank statement).
- Track your progress against target budgets.
- Transaction details are pre-filled where possible to make it super quick to enter everything you spend.
- Balance your account records against the cash in your bank account or your wallet.
- Create repeating transactions.
- Create estimated future transactions, such as holidays.
- Quickly transfer between accounts or budgets.
- Display your account balances or budgets week-by-week, month-by-month or year-by-year (and save to your favourite spreadsheet).
- Shows a graph of your account or budget balance.
- Keep different files for different family members (as many as you like).
- Great search and bulk edit functions for transactions.
- Works perfectly happily when disconnected from the internet.
- Sync data between devices using iCloud or Cloud Share services.
- Detailed inbuilt user manual.
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36.63 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
26 Feb 20223.3.01Major UpdateEnancements:
- Improved the suggestions when filling in transaction details.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with transaction selection and transaction list width.
- Fixed a spurious warning during version upgrade.
15 Jan 20223.3.00Major UpdateNew Features:
- Support for advanced repeating transactions.
- Highlight locked transactions.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an error processing quick notes.
19 Jul 20213.2.02Major UpdateBug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where edit and delete were possible simultaneously.
- Fixed an issue with closing the transaction view.
12 Jun 20213.2.01Major UpdateBug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash after finishing statement balance.
- Fixed an issue with statement keyboard shortcuts.
- Check for missing accounts and budgets.
31 May 20213.2.00Major UpdateBug Fixes:
- Fixed auto-hiding transactions.
- Fixed the search page layout.
- Fixed shortcuts for statement view.
- Fixed editing of account and budget settings.
20 Mar 20213.1.01Major UpdateBug Fixes:
- Fixed odd item selection in transaction view.
26 Feb 20213.1.0Major UpdateEnhancements:
- Standardised keyboard shortcuts with other JXCirrus apps.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed reporting of budget warnings.
- Fixed a delayed update after bulk editing transactions.
- Fixed odd behaviour after cancelling multi-select.
13 Jun 20203.0.0Major UpdateEnhancements:
- Remember whether you had the graph open between sessions.
- Pre-fill takes notice of selected account.
- Much smarter processing of quick notes.
09 May 20202.6.0Major UpdateNew Features:
- Colour highlights for budgets that have gone over a set amount.
11 Apr 20202.5.0Major UpdateBug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug with cloud sync.
15 Jan 20202.4.0Major UpdateImprovements:
- Warnings for account balance below set value.
- Jot down quick notes for later.
Bug Fixes:
- A bunch of small but handy bug fixes.
16 Feb 20192.3.0Major UpdateImprovements:
- Smarter pre-filling of transactions.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed up the mysterious disappearing graph.
Distribution permissions: The basic version of JXCirrus Finance may be freely distributed over the internet in unchanged form.


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