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World Software Catalog
Internet catalog of free and paid applications of the World
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About our site project is the site, Internet catalog for searching software programs of the world.

The program database is taken from the official Global PAD® Repository of "applications". "PAD" stands for "Portable Application Document", it is an XML file that contains information about the application, developer, publisher, application cost, links to download and purchase the program. The developer (publisher) generates these PAD files and sends them to the repository. In addition to information in English, descriptions and keywords can be set in the other languages.

The most of the similar sites with information about applications focuses on promoting only to the most popular applications, and it can be difficult to find a small program that you need specifically.

Therefore, our mission is to place a catalog of applications with convenient independent search, including international languages search, to support small developers and users of all counties.

We are updating the database daily. The database contains information on more than 13,000 applications.

To add to our catalog, simply add your program to the repository for free. Programs are accepted for publication, for which English is one of the languages ​​of the interface, program and company sites.

Our site does not store distributions of programs (does not mirror downloads), all links, including the download and purchase of the program, are those provided by the publisher at the date of publication. Therefore, information about some programs, especially those that have been published for a long time, may contain broken links, and applications may be abandoned and not supported. We are not a store and are not responsible for the data of the publisher.

We do not bear any responsibility for the posted information and its relevance. As an aid to help the other site visitors, you can click on to inform us and other users that the link was not valid. And if the application contains malware, send a message to us through the feedback form on the link "Report malware." The icon means that for files with a size of 0.5-30 MB, presumably, we checked their downloadability. The VT link, if any, leads to the report of the antivirus scan that was performed once.

Posting information about cracking programs from the repository, serial numbers, activation codes and other things that violates the rights of developers, authors and publishers on our site is strictly prohibited.

Registered users get additional benefits: they can write comments and put ratings, and search criteria with the except of text data are stored in memory and are used by default.

We hope our site will be useful and convenient for you.

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Information for copyright holders:

All materials of the site are placed with the permission of the copyright holders or taken from public sources of information.

If you believe that the content of the site violates your copyrights, please let us know via the feedback form in English or Russian language.

In your message you should include:

  • The full name of the copyright holder that you believe has been violated. In the case of an authorized person, indicate both this person and the copyright holder.
  • Identification of the copyright object or list of objects in respect of which violations have been committed.
  • Identification of one or more materials on the site, in which copyright infringements were committed.
  • Comprehensive contact details of the copyright owner or authorized person.
  • By sending a notice of copyright infringement, you accept responsibility for the veracity of all the data provided. A person who intentionally sends false information about material or activities that violate copyrights may be held liable.

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