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PlatformLicenseASP member
Dapplegrey 8.2.2
Company: Classics For X
Country: Germany, Bavaria, Ingolstadt
ASP member: No
Company Web site:
Site of program:
Application info:

Author: Detlef Kahner

Sales email:
Support email:

License type: Freeware
Class: Games & Entertainment::Tools & Editors
Categories: Games :: Gaming Tools
Platform: OS X
OS: Mac OS X,
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.10
Language: English, German
Limitations: No limitations

Keywords: DOSBox, Front-end, configuration editing

Macintosh (Intel only) Front-end application to configure DOSBox settings for each DOS based game separately and to run these games directly from within the Front-end with using DOSBox. As sources of DOSBox are supported the plain DOSBox (which is available from itself), as well as the DOSBox binary file included in the Macintosh version of DBGL, which is another DOSBox front-end. Plus, it supports a variety of other DOSBox ports made for Macintosh, including SVN versions made between main versions, also supporting their special features. Supports DOSBox versions 0.65 up to 0.74-3.
Report Malware

33.83 MB

DateVersionStatusRelease history
20 Mar 20228.2.2Minor UpdateWen the included DOS application COWSHED.EXE has been updated, Dapplegrey will ask to replace the older one located in Application Support.
If calling Game Info from the Games menu item, the window will be cleaned up before.
06 Feb 20228.2.1Minor UpdateThe High Sierra port of DOSBox-X version 83.23 will be recognized correctly now.
06 Feb 20228.2Minor UpdateAfter Pentium II, DOSBox-X adds support for CPU type Pentium III now as well.
02 Jan 20228.1Major UpdateSaving a copy of the Games list should work again. DOSBox Staging set as source will be automatically recognized again. Recent DOSBox-X High Sierra versions will be recognized correctly now. CPU type Pentium II and PCjr Composite machine modes recently added to DOSBox-X are included now.
14 Nov 20218.0.6Minor UpdateVersion 83.19 of DOSBox-X, High Sierra port, will be recognized correctly now.
If an area of Dapplegrey is active, that doesn't act with DOS games and apps, the Toolbar buttons Keyboard and Mixer are de-activated as well.
10 Oct 20218.0.5Minor UpdateWhen adding games to the list, a possible crash has been fixed. In the Hard disk drive C: panel, when executable files are listed in the Popup menu, this is no longer commented with "No Executable files has been found". Other minor refinements has been done.
29 Sep 20218.0.4Minor UpdateIn some circumstances, path to captures and path to game folder may not have been written correctly.
12 Sep 20218.0.3Minor UpdateThe version number of the DOSBox-X port made for earlier macOS versions may be better detected now. This functionality works best for already existing ones, but with upcoming ones, there are no more discrepancies in version detection. DOSBox-Staging will be detected more reliable than before.
05 Sep 20218.0.2Minor UpdateResetting the Mixer and Memsize values now works flawlessy.
29 Aug 20218.0.1Major Update8.0 changes: Native for Macintosh Intel and Silicon computers. Supports Overlay drives supported in DOSBox SVN. 8.0.1 changes: When writing Configuration files to hard disk drive, Network Serial1 is no longer written twice.
25 Jul 20217.10Minor UpdateThis version of Dapplegrey replaces db-info.bat with a development made by the author of Dapplegrey, with a DOS application named COWSHED.EXE, which displays DOSBox settings on screen, divided into the same sections as seen in the DOSBox configurations file. See the DOSBox menu, "Run COWSHED".
11 Jul 20217.9Minor UpdateThe DOSBox port DOSBox-X now offers also builds made for Mac OS X 10.13/10.14, which are now recognized by Dapplegrey as well.
13 Jun 20217.8.1Major UpdateUntil now, the Radio buttons available for the CPU type 486 did not work properly. When selecting a 486 option now, the previously selected option will be de-selected as expected.
23 May 20217.8Major UpdateSome of the Network settings has not been written to the configuration file before.
Text size changing in the Mixer sample rate window now works correctly.
For Render settings, if no GLShader has been set, its value will be set to "none" automatically now.
24 Apr 20217.7.1Minor UpdateIn "Further mixer settings" window, the description text near the top slider now shows the correct label ("blocksize").
17 Apr 20217.7Major UpdateFor many years no idea why the keyboard layout setting was not retained, but now finally found a place in the program where this setting is lost and programmed around the issue, so that it is now retained. This time forever.
06 Apr 20217.6.10Minor UpdateA message about "Debugbuild" when running DOS games has been removed.
04 Apr 20217.6.9Minor UpdateIn "Run plain DOSBox", the frameskip rate will now be set correctly.
The "Run non-listed game" window has been revisited as well.
28 Feb 20217.6.8Minor UpdateWhen using DOSBox-X, there are options available for the VGA graphic setting. The slider now displays the correct value.
23 Feb 20217.6.7Minor UpdateIn the keyboard layout window, the listbox text size change is working now.
07 Feb 20217.6.6Minor UpdateSDL output options offered by DOSBox-X 0.83.10 now available. Be sure to check output TrueTypeFont (ttf), in case you're using DOSBox-X. Plus, some code optimizations has been done.
08 Nov 20207.6.5Minor UpdateWhen displaying toolbox entries, in drive C: settings there must be a button visible, which enables to select game EXE files.
25 Oct 20207.6.4Minor UpdateCodesigned + notarized again.
17 Oct 20207.6.3Minor UpdateMounting multiple floppy images to drive A: is working again (for now, supported only in DOSBox SVN versions). Sorry, still not codesigned and notarized at all.
27 Sep 20207.6.2Minor UpdateEditing game entry properties using the Game Info window, the main games list will be updated accordingly now. When editing the description in the Game info window, the application checks for maximum number of lines now, so it no longer should hang, when the description reaches 30 lines.
26 Jul 20207.6.1Minor UpdateFrameskip settings has been fixed. Because Toolbox Games and Applications listings are lost, they will be refreshed. So if you made some changes to these listings, unfortunately you'll need to reset them. Unfortunately, this version is not code-signed, so you need to do a right-click to run it.
14 Jun 20207.6Minor UpdateDOSBox Staging Git will be recognized now, GLShader has been added (to be used by DOSBox SVN and Staging), better DOSBox-X handling, and some DOSBox-Staging options has been included as well (machine=cga_mono, GLShader, renderer).
24 May 20207.5.1Minor UpdateWhen the genre "Graphic adventure" is chosen, its games will be listed now as well.
19 Apr 20207.5Major UpdateSelected keyboard layout finally will be remembered now, lo longer being reset to 'USA' at every start of Dapplegrey. In the Dapplegrey internal Help System, the contacting options has been revised (how to get in touch with the Dapplegrey programmer) .
17 Feb 20207.4.2Minor UpdateMachine Options updated for Video Memory settings related to DOSBox-x, displaying favorites should now work w/o showing the beachball, from Drives C: sheet window, displaying and opening DOS text files should work again.
26 Dec 20197.4Minor Updaten the Graphics Options window, missing SDL2 options has been added now: vsync and renderer.For details of using the SDL2 port of DOSBox, please refer to and both located in the DOSBox VOGON
Distribution permissions: Dapplegrey may be mirrored at any download sites, with no permission required.


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